Mr. Cory, Treasurer

Since graduating from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a minor in English Literature, Cory’s professional career has followed multiple paths and exposed him to numerous industries. Along with corporate work in sales and finance in the insurance, information and news media industries, he has always maintained entrepreneurial pursuits as well. He has co-founded three companies over the past twenty years, including a boutique financial services firm, a sales consulting firm and an entertainment company. Along the way, he has frequently undertaken independent consulting work in the areas of business development and communications. This has taken him throughout Canada and the US as well as to India and Africa, working with independent companies, franchises and distributors to set up and grow their businesses. Cory is currently CFO of EMCS Industries Ltd., a BC-based manufacturing company in the maritime industry.  Outside of work he loves being a husband and father and enjoys traveling and photography.