Ms. Tanya, Supervisor

Hello all. My name is Ms. Tanya, and I am the Supervisor in Training at Kidz Kare. I have been an RECE for 23 years but have been working with children for even longer. I had my first “teaching” experience in Grade 8 when I helped out with the kindergarten classroom in my elementary school. In High School I did a co-op in a mixed class that incorporated Grades 1-5 in one classroom. I enjoy working with children and teaching them new things and learning new ways to teach.  I have worked in daycares, a private school and a Montessori school. I have been a Supervisor and “Supervisor in charge” when my Supervisor was away. In my spare time I enjoy reading, walking, taking pictures and watching movies (I volunteer with tiff year-round and during the film festival; I have lots of stories to tell). I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you all once we are allowed to meet in person again.