Toddler Program

Step 1:
Book a Virtual Tour

Schedule a virtual tour of the facility for you and your child.

Step 2:
Request a Spot

Request a spot for your child in the Toddler Program.

Step 3:

Successful applicants are granted an application.

Toddler Program

What do you think you child will grow up to be?

The focus in the toddler group is on learning basic skills such as sitting and eating at a table with friends, using utensils and following simple instructions.

They are introduced to letters and numbers and work on recognizing images and relating them to the corresponding word.

Our toddler program has a 5:1 student to teacher ratio, which means your child will get as much attention as he or she needs.

Learn more about the High Scope regiment offered in all of our programs.

Book a virtual tour to get started.

If you want to enrol your toddler in our Toddler Program, the first step is booking a virtual tour of the facility for you and your child. If you think it’s the right fit, the next step is requesting a spot. If no spot is available, your child will be put on a wait list.

Please note: requesting a spot is not equivalent to submitting an application. Applications are only delivered if spots are available, otherwise your child will be added to a wait list. Click Here to View our Admission and Wait List Policy.