Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Program

Start with a strong foundation now. Will your child be the next great lawyer?

Kindergarten children learn all the units of the public school curriculum but with the added benefit of the 1:13 teacher to student ratio. Every child is given the proper attention to ensure that he or she has mastered each skill before moving on to the next.

The children will be able to graduate to grade 1 with basic reading and writing skills and much more.

Book a virtual tour to get started.

If you want to enrol your child into our Kindergarten Program, the first step is booking a virtual tour of the facility for you and your child. If you think it’s the right fit, the next step is requesting a spot. If no spot is available, your child will be put on a wait list.

Please note: requesting a spot is not equivalent to submitting an application. Applications are only delivered if spots are available, otherwise your child will be added to a wait list. Click Here View our Admission and Wait List Policy.