Virtual Toddler Program

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Virtual Toddler Program

Use our Virtual Classroom to provide educational activities and programming for your child:

The focus for your toddler on a virtual platform is promoting active engagement using:

  • The Five Senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and vision with activities presented by an experienced RECE familiar with evidence-based research of what activities during toddlerhood best supports learning.
  • Your toddler will be engaged with activities on screen live with other children. These learning opportunities will be engaging in games such finding objects or different toy animals that are hiding to increase language skills.
  • Music and Movement: songs, recorded music and fingerplays, finger/hand puppets to promote movement
  • Stories that promote language skills, active involvement during the story
  • Sensory play with goop, playdough, water and many more active learning opportunities
  •  Turn taking

The children will grow in their vocabulary, problem solving (ie: what will happen next when we add ice to water), emotion vocabulary (ie: what does happy look like, mad, sad, frustrated, etc.) and identifying and labeling these emotions.

We help you give your toddler the Critical Foundation Skills needed before they can understand numbers, letters and shapes.

We love KIDZ KARE online classes! Since April, my daughters (age 2yrs and 3.5yrs) have been attending online classes at KIDZ KARE. It’s been an excellent way to continue their learning, foster their relationships and stay connected to the daycare they love during what might otherwise be a lonely time for them. Each day they are excited to sign in for their special class time with her teacher. Often they even ask to go to class on the weekends! Thank you KIDZ KARE for providing such a valuable offering to our family. We’re very appreciative of everything you do!Kate

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Please note: requesting a spot is not equivalent to submitting an application. Applications are only delivered if spots are available, otherwise your child will be added to a wait list. Click Here to View our Admission and Wait List Policy.