Toddler Program

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Toddler Program

What do you think your child will grow up to be?

The focus in the toddler classroom is to provide many choices of play opportunities that increase their developmental skills needed for success .

Play is child’s work. Toddlers will learn to develop self help skills which leads to becoming more independent . They are so proud when they can use a spoon and then a fork by themselves to eat their lunch. Putting on their coat by themselves or shoes are big accomplishments for toddlers.

Sensory play, Books, Pretend play, science related activities , songs and many other learning opportunities are presented for toddlers to choose and learn from.

Our Toddler program has a 1:5 student to teacher ratio, which means your child will get as much attention as he or she needs.

During Covid-19 , classrooms are adhering to strict health requirements to keep children safe as they learn and play. Teachers are sensitive to needs of children and will be safe when comforting them, supporting them and guiding them. Covid-19 policies are strictly enforced and all teachers are trained and monitored to make sure these requirements are being met daily, and consistently.

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Please note: requesting a spot is not equivalent to submitting an application. Applications are only delivered if spots are available, otherwise your child will be added to a wait list. Click Here to View our Admission and Wait List Policy.