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Preschool Program

What do you think you will be when you grow up?

In preschool, children are introduced to a variety of play materials and experiences that will engage them in both math and literacy skills. Play opportunities such as making up stories and having their words printed on paper and they become the author and illustrator of their own book, acting out stories learning about characters in a story, logical sequence of events that happen in a story, playing Letter bingo to learn letter identification, and much, much more. Addition and subtraction are reinforced through block play so children can explore these concepts using objects such as blocks. Science, dramatic play, Music and Movement are all part of the learning choices preschool children will have to develop strong foundation of skills needed for academic success.

High Scope Curriculum is a cognitive focused curriculum model that supports and reinforces teaching children how to think for themselves, discover answers on their own through exploration, develops problem solving skills to help them become thinkers.

Plan Do and Review opportunities are fundamental component to developing children’s predictive skills-planning where they want to play, what materials do they want to play with, etc to reinforcing memory skills- Review time- who did you play with? Tell me about what you did with the cotton balls in the art area etc.

They work on holding a pencil properly, tracing letters, distinguishing between upper and lower case letters and recognizing the letters of their names. They even begin to read short words.

Our preschool program has a 1:8 student to teacher ratio, which means your child will get as much attention as he or she needs.

During this Covid-19 time, preschool classrooms are meeting all the public health requirements for safety for both staff and children. Our staff have been trained in Polices and Procedures and we monitor the following of these strict policies consistently with staff.

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