About Kidz Kare

Our History

Kidz Kare Daycare Toronto Inc. officially opened its doors on February 4 of 2013 when founder Ms. Jennifer wanted to realize her dream of building a school that combined both love and learning to create a new style of child care. The original Kidz Kare started as a home daycare when Ms. Jennifer wanted to find a different kind of child care for her own sons Michael and Nicolas.

She needed the balance of a loving and nurturing environment combined with a focus on real learning, but only found one extreme or the other. So Ms. Jennifer became a “mom on a mission” to develop a childcare facility that offered the best of both worlds.

Today, that facility is called Kidz Kare.

Our Values

Kidz Kare is built upon a foundation of strong values, which are evident in every aspect of our company. We operate with integrity and compassion while continuously striving for unequivocal excellence. We value our partnership with our clients, working collaboratively to empower children and help them discover their infinite potential. We embrace our insatiable curiosity and endeavour to inspire that same passion for learning in every child and adult who joins the Kidz Kare family. Above all, we tirelessly work to create an environment where children can experience the joy of learning and have the freedom to challenge themselves, make mistakes and explore their world while being loved and cared for by those around them.

  • Strong Backbone

  • Dynamic People

  • Happy Home

  • Heart Warming Food

  • Unquenchable Curiosity

  • Whole Hearted Service

  • Fearless Difference

Our Philosophy

We believe that the early years of a child’s life are critical for developing the skills, character and confidence that they will carry with them into adulthood. At Kidz Kare, we aim to surpass your expectations and work to help your children surpass their own developmental milestones. Kidz Kare is a place where love and learning go hand in hand. When you enroll your children into Kidz Kare, you’re not just another family to us, you become our family.

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Our Fundraisers

Kidz Kare Toronto is a not-for-profit, so we turn to parents, friends and other altruistic individuals for help. If you are looking for a good cause, there is no greater investment than an investment in a child's future, which is our whole purpose here at Kidz Kare.

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