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Virtual Preschool Program

The focus of the Kidz Kare Virtual Preschool Program is to expand your child’s problem-solving skills and prepare to develop their reading skills.

Our dynamic team of virtual educators engage children in learning by using the 5 senses which continue to be a critical factor in how young children best learn.

Based on brain research, a child retains 90% of information the more he or she uses sensory play to explore their environment. Just watching and listening (2 senses) only retains up to 10% of the activity.

Reading readiness opportunities will be stories with props, puppets, telling stories, writing them down for print awareness, letter identification, and utilizing open ended questions.

Jolly Phonics will be introduced to children who are able to identify all letters of the alphabet (upper and lower case) and to make sure they have the foundation for the next steps in learning to read. Active engagement is also part of learning letter sounds and reading simple words. There will also be science activities such as making a volcano, magnets and their properties, animals, and habitats etc.

We love KIDZ KARE online classes! Since April, my daughters (age 2yrs and 3.5yrs) have been attending online classes at KIDZ KARE. It’s been an excellent way to continue their learning, foster their relationships and stay connected to the daycare they love during what might otherwise be a lonely time for them. Each day they are excited to sign in for their special class time with her teacher. Often they even ask to go to class on the weekends! Thank you KIDZ KARE for providing such a valuable offering to our family. We’re very appreciative of everything you do!Kate

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