We follow High Scope curriculum here at Kidz Kare. The teachers observe the children on a daily basis and watch for key interactions between children and for indications of interest in specific topics.  The teachers then proceed to plan based on these observations. Our programming encompasses everything from arts and crafts to sensory learning, language and circle time. The children themselves are the key to our programming as each day they show us what areas interest them.


The focus in the toddler group is on learning basic skills such as sitting and eating at a table with friends, using utensils and following simple instructions.

They are introduced to letters and numbers and work on recognizing images and relating them to the corresponding word.


At the preschool level the children are introduced to more complex numerical concepts such as currency, counting from one to fifty and recognizing written numerals.

They work on holding a pencil properly, tracing letters, distinguishing between upper and lower case letters and recognizing the letter of their names.  They begin reading short words.


Kindergarten children learn all the units of the public school curriculum but with the added benefit of the 1:12 teacher to student ratio.  Every child is given the proper attention to ensure that he or she has mastered each skill before moving on to the next.

The children will be able to graduate to grade 1 with basic reading and writing skills and much more.