Come and explore our fun and educational Kidz Kare Kamp programs!

Kidz Kare offers camp weeks during March, Christmas and summer breaks.  Filled with activities that incorporate creative themes, our camps help children broaden their knowledge of new concepts and expand their creativity, while having tons of fun along the way!

The children will be involved in arts and crafts, language, science and games that all relate back to the theme of the week.  They will have outdoor play twice a day and enjoy a weekly field trip which may be a special guest coming to the facility or an off-site adventure in the city of Toronto.

Weekly fees include 2 morning snacks, lunch and 2 afternoon snacks all made from scratch by our talented on site cook.

Some of our Kamps include:

Junior Chefs

Children learn about healthy eating and how to put together ingredients to make food delicious and fun.  What do all of those ingredients and numbers mean on food labels? We’ll teach the children what to look for when shopping with their parents. We’ll have some fun recipes for the children to cook up in our on-site kitchen; and at the end of the week we’ll stir up a little competition with a cook off!

Animal Keepers

Did you know that that all polar bears are left handed? And that a flamingo can only eat when its head is upside down?  During the Animal Keepers week children will learn lots of fun facts about animals from different parts of the world.  Children will play the role of zoo keepers and gain a better understanding of animals’ habits and habitats.

Music Makers

What do music notes really mean? Are they the same for every instrument? Children will become music makers for the week and be able to experiment with different kinds of instruments. Our music makers will learn about rhythm and harmony; and even have a try at writing their own song and lyrics. We could very well have our next Canadian Idol here at Kidz Kare!

Wacky Scientists

What happens when you mix Mentos with diet Coke?  A fun and sticky explosion! Our children will put on their lab coats for the week and put their own hypotheses to the test. The children will participate in some fun and wacky experiments that teach them how various substances in their world interact and react.

Sports Athletes

Is your child a future Raptors, Leafs or Blue Jays player? We’ll put them to the test. The children will engage in different sports throughout the week, ranging from Basketball to Track and Field. While the children are staying active, they’ll be learning the rules and regulations of the different sports and developing an understanding of each game as a whole.

Tech Wizards

Did you know that the first video game console was the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972? The children will learn about how technology has evolved over the years.  A strong emphasis will be placed upon stranger danger in the online world. Our wizards will complete the week with a video game competition and see who comes out on top!

Space Warriors

Can you name all of the planets? What exactly are black holes and do things really get lost in them? Our junior astronauts will explore the depths of the solar system and find out whether there really may be life on other planets. Even though they won’t leave Earth, our voyagers will feel like they have ventured through the galaxy.

Underwater Explorers

Did you know that the blue whale can make the loudest sound of any animal in the world? Our explorers will delve down to the bottom of the ocean and learn about different forms of sea life, from crustaceans to the big blue whale. What do these animals eat to stay alive? How do seahorses sleep? Our explorers will become sea life experts!