Ms. Jennifer, President / Director

Kidz Kare founder Ms. Jennifer Roselli has been involved in the child care and education industries for the over twenty years. She founded her first daycare in 2003 and tells of its genesis in the frustration of trying to find child care for her own sons. “I was having a great deal of difficulty finding the right balance of a loving and nurturing environment combined with a place where my two sons could learn. I was not prepared to place them in a situation where they were not receiving the same level of care and nutrition they would get at home, as well as the daily challenge of new things to learn and achieve.” Yet her day care search continually yielded only extremes of one or the other with no happy medium. Never one to accept the status quo, Jennifer decided to take matters into her own hands and create the solution she couldn’t find in the marketplace. She became a “mom on a mission” to develop a childcare facility that could offer the best of both worlds. She wanted to produce something that would meet the exacting expectations she had for the care of her own children and at the same time provide other parents with the relief of discovering a daycare that nurtured all aspects of children’s development, from health and happiness to achieving learning milestones.